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That's nice to see people working that hard in this project. (You all, for sure, don't know who I am, but anyways..)

Actually, I thought rom-making, rom-hacking were almost 'extinct' at this time...
I was waiting so much to play Pokémon Never (by Ricci), but I don't know what happened...
And then, when I was just looking stuff randomly at DeviantArt, I've found this! Amazing: the tiles, sprites, it all!

Unfortunately I couldn't read all the posts/replies etc. from you guys, but I'm your newest fan. For real. I was used to do the rom-hacking, but it's hard to do it if you're brazilian [you only have the 'fan' support, not that support from people with experience - we've got no (brazilian) forum since Myutsu, which wasn't even that famous/well visited - if you know what I mean]... It's hard to keep working on a project when all your hopes fall and plus, when you got to study and leave the internet aside.

From everything I said, just remember that: keep the great work.
I really wanna play this game. Even if it's on DS, on the PC, whatever.
Finally, I gotta say thanks for reviving this side of me, who love pokémon after all...

*ignore the mistakes, I speak portuguese, ok? [=