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I've loved Pokemon since I was a little kid. They were those long hours of playing Red/Blue on road trips and those days where I watched the whole first season of the anime. But there was nothing I loved more than reading the manga. I was really happy the day I saw Pokemon Manga Red, a fangame based off the Manga. The project was canceled before I knew it, and one day I decided to attempt to make the game myself! This game will be based off the Pokemon Kanto Manga following the first 40 rounds/chapters (I am considering adding the Yellow Issues but right now just the Red, Green, and Blue issues). And I am using one of the most convenient programs ever RPG Maker XP as the program that I'll use for the project.

You are Red a Pokemon Trainer from the town of Pallet Town. Your childhood was you bragging about being the greatest Pokemon Trainer ever. One day you find a very powerful Pokemon in the woods and get defeated. You realize that you aren't the best trainer around and you decide to set off on a journey to become a Pokemon Master!

Play as Red and capture all of the Pokemon he catches as you travel around Kanto and obtain badges and defeat Team Rocket!
There aren't any Poke Balls in this game, instead you capture the Pokemon in cutscenes. (Inspired from the fangame Pokemon Manga Red)
There are campsites on Routes because they are some pretty big maps in the game. (Inspired from the fangame Pokemon Manga Red)
Re-mapped version of Kanto! Much bigger maps.

Possible Features:
Play as Red, Green, and Blue! (This will be something I might add in once I'm finished with Red's Story. This will make the game a lot longer and kind of give it a Sonic Adventure battle feel I think. But first thing's first! I'm doing Red's Story).
Post-Game things (A lot of time passes between the R/B/G chapter and Yellow chapter I might add in my own feel to the game. Give the player side quests, and much more up until the cliffhanger at the beginning of the Yellow Chapter.)

Beta Downloads:
Demo #1:
This demo will be playing up to Round 5 of the Manga. The next beta will be posted once I finish Round 14 (Which is the end of the first issue of the Manga). It will be a bit of a longer wait, but I'm thinking at max the next demo will be released in 2 months (but most likely less). Enjoy it, guys! By the way I'm aware of most of the bugs in the game but feel free to post any. I believe there is no possible way for the bugs to affect your game in a negative way however. If you are having issues with getting an event to work just watch the walkthrough/progress videos I have below here and they should help you out.

Round 1 -
Round 2 -
Round 3 -
Round 4 -
Round 5 -
I've made more progress on the game then this! I will be posting the other video links as soon as I get the chance to upload the other videos!

Help Wanted!:
I just need someone to supply me with some custom overworld sprites! A scripter who helps me with cut scenes would also be appreciated because I don't have all the knowledge in the world about doing cut scenes. Otherwise I wish to handle this project by myself. I don't want a huge team because that's to stressful on me and the other possible members. If you wish to help with something I didn't mention I will be okay with it however. Beta testers aren't needed everyone on this site can be my beta testers!
Sprites needed:
Green (Most of you know him as Gary). Surfing on Golduck and Flying on Pidgeot (Just like the Gyarados and Aerodactly sprites with Red below.)
Back Sprite for Green (This is something I will DEFINATELY need before my next demo release! So if you guys want to see that ASAP tell me what ya know, haha.)
Red riding on Gyarados Sprite - Will be the Surf Animation
Red riding on Aerodactyl Sprite - Will be at a Side Scroll point of view
That's all I need for the whole project! I will give you credit for these sprites of course!

RPG Maker XP for being an awesome program!

Pokemon Essentials for being an AMAZING base game that I used to start up my game!
Most of the Overworld Sprites from CNG's HGSS Starter Kit. for supplying me with beautiful sounding midi files that I could use in my game! And also some midis from the Pokemon Essentials base game.
[COLOR="Lime"][B]The storyline from the Pokemon Adventures/Special Manga.
jinxchan6306(On Deviantart for Zapmolcuno both battle sprite and overworld
Oceanslugiaspirit(On Deviantart for Koga, Blue, Sabrina, Lt.Surge, and Misty Overworlds, which was used for outfits.)
Coronis(On Serebiiforums for his Pokemon Special Manga Battle Sprites)
AshnixsLaw(On Deviantart for his Rocket Overworlds, special thanks to Chaoslord for recreating I could use them for Koga, Sabrina, and Lt.Surge)
Graystripe55 (On Deviantart for the Yellow Overworld Sprite)
Another special thanks to Chaoslord for finding me some very useful links to custom overworld sprites.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]This is NOT a romhack it is a game I've been developing with RPG Maker XP!
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