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I love Borderlands 2. I constantly have been playing the game since I bought it during it's release day, and I already have a Lv 50 Siren with some powerful gear obtained from Terramorpheus. (I have issues I know)

Originally I was planning on using Zer0 because of his sniper skill tree, but I loved the idea of phaselock with Maya (but I will always prefer Lilith and her amazing phasewalk) and her ability to revive others from afar and use it constantly without any ridiculous cooldown rates. It has also saved me constantly because I can easily run when I needed to and group enemies together for grenade/bullet spamming.

I also purchased the season pass just to save money on the future DLC. But I hope Gearbox plans on including a tougher boss in one of them because to be honest, none of the bosses were much of a challenge, and to my surprise, Terramorpheus is much easier than Crawmerax.

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