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Quote originally posted by Link_971:
Status project: I will rewriting my tool in C# with an Map Viewer, and other exciting features.
Textures and blocks are my priority, now.

Support of BW 2 are already planned at the release of the games.
No asks for new builds please, i work hard on this and only when i have time.

Don't forget: For comparison, Advance Map is a project started since 2003.
And we still have new versions in 2012 (and maybe final release in 2013?), so don't worry, and don't be impatient!
Hm... C#, sounds excellent. I have actually managed to extract the Nuvema Town map model out of the map binary, it's done by opening up a hex editor and copy and pasting the data from where it says "BMD0" in the text, all the way down to near where (what I think is) the movement permissions, which has the bytes such as "80" and "81", but stop right before the "20 00 20" bytes, which indicates the next area of data and the end of the map layout model.

And don't worry, I'm a very patient person. And as for AdvanceMap... Lu-ho hasn't been on for quite a long time. It kinda worries me when a program is closed source... 'cause when the author never returns and has mysteriously disappeared without anyone knowing... then who exactly is going to take over the project and keep it running?
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