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I wouldn't call this a fail, but more of a surprising-angry thing.
I was battling Whitney on my new Soulsilver file, and something amazing happened. Here's the battle.
Gym Leader Whitney wants to battle! Whitney sent out Clafairy! -insert cute Clefairy cry here-
Ethan sent out Chewy! (my totodile, and yes, my character is a boy, explanation later.)
Chewy used Ice Fang! A critical hit! -40 hp to Clefairy-
The foe's Clefairy used Metronome! The foe's Clefairy waggled its finger and used Judgement!
I was like 'JHGFDRSLBAFW' (Translation: HOLY FLUFF!)
Chewy fainted! Ethan sent out Electra! (my spiky eared pichuuu)
Electra used Volt Tackle!
The foe's Clefairy fainted!
Whitney sent out Miltank!
Electra used Volt Tackle!
Both Pokemon fainted.
Feed this Pokemon a berry or suffer from guilt. >:3
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