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Just to let everyone know, I actually have Skype Premium, which allows group video calling. So while I'm online in the Skype call, anyone will be able to turn on their webcam if they wish to do so, which would explain how I was able to turn my webcam on in the PCX Skype group call.
Quote originally posted by JalordaSerpent7:

Hope I can join in on the festivities! Happy PCX everyone!

Quote originally posted by Ninjagon:

My skype name is; zacfailninjawillems. No spaces. I'll be waitin for other peoples.
Quote originally posted by Avishka:

i just downloaded skype so i'll take part
Quote originally posted by elija:
i'll join as well, my username is elijah_rh. Adding the hosts now
Ok, I've added ya all. As soon as you all accept, I shall indeed add ya into the Skype chat.

Quote originally posted by Kura:
Before I join, I have a question- do I only have to add the hosts into my contact list? I don't want this big spammy list where I can't remember who is who and it becomes hard to navigate.. ._.
Well yes, you only need to add the hosts onto your contact list, or even just putting your Skype name here in this thread, we'll add you to our contacts and add you into the Skype chat.

Just so you'd know, mine's silver.riolu. I'm one of the backup hosts for during my timezone while everyone on the other side of the world is asleep.
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