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Just a reminder to everyone who just added me as their contact: Be sure you add your PC name in your little contact message. That way I can be sure that you are from PC and add you to the Emblem list.

I see a few came on while I was asleep, so I can go ahead and write you all down.

Since I just woke up, I can go ahead and start a hosting session! Unfortunately today is my multitasking day so I'll be mostly on phone. I'll be adding everyone right now to get started.

To add, Kura, it's recommended to add all of the hosts, so that way we can add you to the group.

I do like to add that a new room has been created to replace the old one which had exceeded the amount of users. If you would like to be added, be sure to add my skype and I'll be sure to get to it. :D
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