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Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
Huh. That was odd. I am not sure exactly how to react to that. I personally am going to say that both realities are coexisting with each other, just in opposite times of day so that when those in the White Forest world are asleep, those in the Black City world are awake and vice versa. But still, pretty interesting
It's all a matter of perspective. In-game, Unova is a land of people at loggerheads; it's a land where people look at ideas and see them entirely differently. Halley's apparent ability to slip between Black and White Unovas is related to this.

Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
I am really liking Halley. Except for all the swearing. I mean I understand that her being snarky and sarcastic and a bit overbearing is just her way of covering up how defenseless and weak she feels on account of her loss of the memory of who she is, thus leaving her to create an identity for herself, which would make her want to seem like somebody strong, but it kind of gets annoying after a while seeing her swear so often. But maybe thats just me. Apart from that though, I am loving Halley.
Don't worry about the swearing. I know it's annoying - it's meant to be annoying - but it won't last too long. I plan to use it as a vehicle for something that's coming up soon - something that will also cut back on her swearing.

I think I like Lauren more than I do Jared. I mean, yes Jared is cool and physically powerful and able to react in a violent way if necessary, but I can relate more to Lauren. Scared, lost, just trying to be helpful. She just makes me want to hug her and tell her everything is okay. Even though she has to run away with a psychotic cat on a country-wide holiday. Poor Lauren :([/QUOTE]

Same. I like Lauren a lot, which is probably why she's better characterised. Jared has more sympathetic strengths too, I just... haven't got around to revealing them yet.

Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
I wonder if Lauren and Jared will ever be in the same world as each other. It wouldnt surprise me if that were to happen. OMG sudden idea. Since the original legendary dragon of Unova split itself, perhaps it was powerful enough to create two separate worlds, one where Reshiram (and truth I think according to the games) was the creator, and one where Zekrom (and I think ideals) was the creator. It would then make sense for Lauren, who lives in the Pokemon White universe where you capture Zekrom, to be helping Halley because the ideal of helping those in need appeals to Lauren, while Jared, who lives in the Pokemon Black universe where you capture Reshiram, wants to discover the truth about Halley, even if it is just to get her away. Or, if any of those factors are reversed, then so too is the backstory. God, I love how I already am making crazy predictions.
You may be onto something there, but you have to think bigger. I like to zoom out my stories bit by bit, revealing plots behind the plots behind the plots; whatever's going on, it's probably truly colossal in scale. For example, in Guide Fabien and Blake have a scheme, and so do Barry and Felicity - but they're caught in Devon's scheme, which is in turn superseded by the Magmas' and the Aquas' schemes, which are later revealed to be mere reflections of Zero's plan - the consequences of which are then shown to be even greater than first imagined.

Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
Well, it is already shaping up to be another masterpiece. I cant wait to see how many twists and turns await. I also look forward to meeting Ghetsis and seeing what you have in store for N and the Shadow Triad. Oh before I forget, your grammar was good this time. Keep up the good work :)
Oh, I have plans for N. That should be good - as should the Shadow Triad's role.


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