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Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
Well my friend i must say you raise many good issues.

Well first off all of my arguments are based on the idea that the remakes would be part of gen 5. I was also under the impression that every one here thought the same. You were right to call me out on that. The fact is that by assuming it would be in gen 5 I was really limiting the ideas that could take place.

And for that matter YOUR RIGHT. The remakes doesnt have to be on gen 5. And if they are on gen 6 well than by all means they need to be on the 3ds.
I think that people only want remakes next because it "follows the pattern", which has been broken with B2W2. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to revisit Hoenn, or any game if they choose to remake them. Whether they are DS or 3DS games won't matter to me. I got a 3DS last Christmas (which I love) but even if I hadn't, I was planning on buying one myself eventually.

The thing I see is that people seem to think the 3DS is no different than the DSi or DSLite, in that it is just another "Super DS" when it isn't. Some people are outright saying they will NEVER buy a 3DS and some think that Nintendo will eventually give up on promoting the 3DS and just return to the DS. That isn't going to happen and I can't figure out why some people think it could. I understand that people don't want to pay $170 for a handheld, but that didn't stop people from buying a PS3 when they were $400 and $500.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
Second your right again. A main game on the 3ds will increase 3ds sales. Thats exactly what will eventually happen.
My friend it would appear your not understanding where im coming from. Yes the Nintendo company COULD ( keyword) make more money in 2013 with the combined sales of 3ds and 3ds main pokemon games. But like in many interviews GF have stated that they want to put a main game out on the system that has the most units out there, so everyone can play.

They even put out a special 3ds only feature in the form of AR searcher for those who went out and purchased a 3ds.
That means GF doesn't believe the 3DS will sell, even with the release of a 3DS Pokemon game. Like I said earlier, it makes sense that Gen 5 would be on the DS since the 3DS had yet to be released. But now, the 3DS has had time to show off what it can do. Things like the Pokedex 3D Pro and the Dream Radar are great ideas that I think they will get some people to buy a 3DS just for those, but a true main series will be the big attraction.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
If the remakes come out in gen 5( and as you so wisely pointed out they may not-in which case my point is mute) they could easily include special features only available on the 3ds.
Even with special features, if it's on the DS in 2013, that's still gonna send the message to people that they don't need a 3DS, which isn't gonna make Nintendo happy. Nintendo MIGHT be fine with it if it were going to be released in 2012, but I don't seem them supporting any new DS games after 2012 is over.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
now please dont take the following all caps to mean im yelling, i just want it to stand out
IS ONE MORE YEAR...............
My friend regardless of when a pokemon game comes out on the 3ds Nintendo will make it rain lol the question is whether it be in 2013 or 2014
Obviously, the 3DS debut for the main series will be Gen 6. It wouldn't make sense for a remake to come first, then totally new Pokemon, moves and other things that would immediately make the Gen 3 remakes old news.

As for when, I still think 2013 will have a main series game. 2011 didn't have one, so we shouldn't expect them to skip 2013 especially since B2W2 were released in June. In 2014, the 3DS will be 3 years old. I can't see them waiting that long to make the jump.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
And also your argument that Game Freak will get left behind if it doesn't act fast is mute. If they miss a chance to develop a game on the 3ds they will do it on the next gen platform.
They could, but if people won't buy a 3DS, why would they buy what replaces it? The key is to encourage people to upgrade. If they can't do that, they'll go out of business. Or Nintendo might actually consider cutting ties with Game Freak if GF decides they'd rather keep waiting to make a game that they all know will sell.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
In fact pokemon games could be use for not only promoting sales( life) of new platforms, it can also be use to extend the life of previous platforms. WHILE MAKING NINTENDO TONS OF MONEY.
Lets face it when it come to video games POKEMON IS THE SAGE OF THE SIXTH PATHS LOL
Nintendo doesn't want to extend the life of previous platforms. That's why some of the GameCube's popular games were remade to play on with the Wii's controls, like Pikmin. To be honest, I still don't own a PS3. One reason is that there are few PS3 games that interest me, but I was also able to buy several games that were available on both the PS2 and PS3, and some on the Xbox 360, so I didn't need to buy one to play the games I wanted. Yes, Nintendo will still make money, but they'll want to take the option that makes their newest platform look good and makes them more money.

Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
Game Freak's philosophy, as stated on their website, is "To give the people of the world enjoyment, fun and discovery by continuously creating games of superior quality. And to encourage bravery, hope, kindness, dreams and an adventurous spirit.
And if a superior quality of game means the remakes be on the ds wouldn't you want Game Freak to do it?
It depends on what exactly "superior quality" would be. In terms of the platform itself, the 3DS is far superior to the DS, including the extra featuers like the Dream Radar and the Therian Formes. With the 3DS being the much better system in terms of technology, the better choice would be to go with it. The only thing good about keeping it on the DS is to keep people from needing to buy a 3DS to play it. If they want to keep Pokemon on the DS just because more people have a DS than a 3DS, then why have they jumped from the Game Boy to the GBC, from that to the GBA, and that to the DS? More people had the previous platforms than the new ones in all those cases, but that didn't stop them.
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