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I have no idea how they manage to pull off such amazing trailers of kingdom hearts all the time! I mean add some scenes from kingdom hearts, simple and clean (the instrumental version) and boom, you have an epic trailer. I mean i deeply enjoyed watching the kingdom hearts 3d trailers. I haven't played kingdom hearts 358/2 days, but I see that it's great and from the trailer the scene looked awesome... Oh and I finally got Kingdom Hearts 3D and finished it in 3 days. ^.^'' But now I'm starting from the normal difficulty and I'm trying to unlock the secret ending. And can anyone explain to me why all the characters seem to ignore Sora a lot. I mean cmon just look they talk to Riku all the time but Sora just like isn't there. xD So can anyone tell me if there is a reason or it's just that. Oh and I don't really get Sora's part of the story... I almost teared up when Sora (Ventus) was just chasing Riku (Terra) and Kairi (Aqua).
Since Ven's theme music always gets me to tear up. :,) And wow this is a long post...
Pokeanalysis: You are very mysterious like the ocean abyss, choosing not to give away your true intentions and feelings. People don't know much about you, as you don't strive to be the center of attention like most people. You love your close friends and would do anything to protect them and defend them. You are kind and intelligent, and very powerful. You are a lover of peace and tranquility and hate meaningless violence. This makes you like Lugia!