Thread: 4th Generation: Time to go for a Safari!
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The old Safari Zone that's stuck with us since the first game still lives on in Gen IV. In D/P/Pt and HG/SS, did you like how the Safari Zone worked? Did you prefer,Pokemon being able to running away to give you a real challenge or was it plain frustrating?Did you like the 500 step feature?

Did you dislike the fact that you couldn't use your Pokemon to fight the Safari Pokemon or did it not bother you? Most importantly, do you love or hate the good ol Safari game?

What did you think of the Safari Zone? In my opinion, it was a great addition although I disliked the 500 step feature. I wish we could explore endlessly until we ran out of Safari Balls or gave up...

The Safari Zone was one of the best places to catch unique and powerful Pokemon from all regions and is one of my favourite spots ever :3.
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