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But do you think that poverty could truly end one day if everyone worked as you say? I'm not talking about poverty in one country, if not the world. I feel that another problem, somehow, is the fact that we're divided in countries. Sure, it organizes and labels things to help do things more effectively in one way, but it also divides us and makes people work for their country and their country only.

History divides them as it does Dom. Rep. and Haiti for example. Wars are born because you destroy a tower in our country and you kill our people so now we'll kill yours. We are possessive and if we could, everyone would probably just live within a bubble without giving anyone the time of day. As John Lennon said, "Imagine there's no heaven", "Imagine there's no countries", "Imagine no possessions", "And the world will live as one"

To be honest I wasn't thinking of that song as I wrote this, it just popped up and now I understand it even more. If people stopped thinking about our people or their people maybe they could think about people.

It seems that the only way for one country to rise, another must fall. Life expectancies have improved, but only for those who were lucky. How about the unlucky ones? The ones we forget about as we go on about our daily lives? And you don't want to stop because if you do, if you stop and think about it, everything loses meaning and then your motivation goes down the drain. So people ignore it because they don't have the answer and they will always ignore it because of it.


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