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I quite enjoyed both safari zones. You could catch some pretty unique pokemon there such as Skorupi and Croagunk in DPPt, and Metang, Larvitar, Vibrava, Draognair, Arbok, Muk, Breloom, Electabuzz, Misdreavus, Bronzong, Lombre, Lapras, Gible, Manetric, Lairon, Rhydon, Zangoose and Masquerain and many more! The variety of great pokemon available is a great interest-keeper, and it a great way of filling up some of one's national dex easily, without having to trade. I loved the fact that in HGSS, you could customise aspects of your safari zone, and decorate it with benches, lights bushes, logs, twigs etc, which impacted on the types of Pokemon one could encounter. It really made things a little more interesting when one has to not only think about what looks great, but what sorts of pokemon might appear due to their arrangements, when decorating.

The only thing that really irritated me, was the sticky mud in DPPt - that stuff was so annoying to get out of, and since it covered nearly every bit of terrain in the facility it annoyed the crap out of me at certain times. In HGSS, I didn't understand how you still had to pay, even after becoming the owner of the Safari Zone - PokeLogic there for you eh.

All in all I really enjoyed the features, and would love to see them re-appear sometime in the future in future games!
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