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Welcome aboard guys, great to have you on! Hope to see you around the server some time!

Quote originally posted by myrrhman:
Sounds fun. Only question: Will there be spleefball?
No, currently it doesn't. However, why not build it? You can always build a spleef Arena and enter it in the building competition. You can build anything on the server, just so long as it follows the server rules!

Quote originally posted by Anglican:
Awesome! I didn't have Minecraft last year so I couldn't participate, but I should be able to get on for a day and a half for the builder's comp. Also, if the server up outside of the PCX?
Yep, as far as I know, the server will be up outisde of the PCX, so you can mine with friends or battle enemies alone, when and for as long as you wish!

Quote originally posted by legoDSdude:
i think you should make the server cracked because lots of my friends and other people on poke community have cracked, it would be better for the community
No, we will not be making the server cracked. Those who want to play on our server will need to purchase a Minecraft Account. Sorry.

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