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Originally Posted by Toshiro. View Post
I hate the iPhone 5 so much. It's such a waste of money.

I have an iPhone 4 and I love it. The iPhone 5 is exactly the same as my iPhone 4, except it is bigger for fitting in another row for useless apps, has Siri, and supposedly runs faster which is crap.

Sticking with my iPhone 4, and after that I may get an iPhone 4S. I just hate the iPhone 5. It's so dumb. Nothing new or charming about it.
By that logic, you also hate every iPhone ever made. It's the same phone every year with minor hardware changes, so saying the iPhone 5 is nothing new is saying the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S is nothing new as well. And if you scroll up and read the benchmark test, you would find out that the iPhone 5 is miles ahead in terms of performance above every other smartphone and tablet.

And siri is faster because of iOS 6... I'm not sure if it's actually been coded to run faster on the iPhone 5.
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