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After Gordon was satisfied with his training, he decided to take a swim. It usually calmed him. The son of Apollo made his way through Camp Half-Blood. Benjamin joined him half way through. "Hey bro. I hope you're feeling better. It makes me sad when you're sad." It was true. The satyr was Gordon's protector, though he wasn't much use in combat. The only weapon he was moderatley sufficient with was his slingshot that he had a kid from the Hephestus cabin make. It was stainless bronze and had a converter that converted any metal he had with him into Celestial Bronze.

"I've been holdin up. I'm thinking a nice swim would take her off my mind, you know?" He recieved a nod Benji. "So yeah." He was still hurt that she had left him...She was his entire life, but he wouldn't let that get in the way of his missions. Life would go on as usual. "I'm probably just soak in my father's rays, if you know what I mean." Benji nodded and followed him until they reached the lake shore. Gordon threw off his shirt to reveal his washboard abs and layed out a towel he found nearby. He plopped down on it and put his hands behind his back. Benji sat down next to him and began to beepbox on his pan-flute, a talent that Gordon had taught him. "Ah yeah, music time!" Nothing could keep Gordon from music! He looked around for any instrument available and spied his acoustic on the dock. He ran over and picked up, then ran back being careful not to drop it. He began to pluck individual strings while constantly moving his hand up and down the neck in tune with Benjamin's beepboxing.
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