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Haru laughed. The Litwick was admittedly adorable in it's sleep. "I don't know, but I'm guessing it's not a bad dream." He brushed Holly's hair behind her ear. He looked at Kayla. "What do you think she's dreaming about?" He laughed at the thought. Holly's red cheeks were just as beautiful as her normal ones. "This may be kinda soon, but why did you agree to be my girlfriend? I'm not exactly the 'whole package'." He was surprised that Holly hadn't slapped him for his udder rudeness. "I seemed like kind of a jerk...though I never try to be. Ever."

Void started to run around too. "Woohoo!" The Munchlax was easily excitable. "Let's go on an adventure!" Torch sighed. "Void, I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Haru might neeed us." This made Void laugh. "I'm sure he'll be fine. He said that he's gonna stay here all day."
"Even though I am Hylia reborn, I am still my father's daughter, and your friend. I'm still your Zelda... So I'm going to ask you a favor, sleepyhead. Ever since we were kids, I'd always be the one to wake you up when you slept in. But this time, when all of this is over, will you come to wake me up?"
- Zelda
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