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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
If this is for all generations, why did you put it in Metal/Color? I'll leave it here, but it's already starting to get off track with people answering for gens III, IV, and V. Plus, if you want to chat it up with ShinyUmbreon, please VM him and don't get the thread more off-topic. Thanks.
sorry about the chatting part. and this supposed to be generation specific, to I and II. I would appreciate it if posters would stick to topic. i am guilty too. thanks!
GEN II and II only!

Originally Posted by XtinaIsMeLuvinWWE View Post
From the first two generations I was definitely a fire-type starter kind of gal haha - Charmander and Cyndaquil for me

I'd maybe pick Magby, Pichu and Cleffa, something like that To me they feel more like starters cause they grow up with you as you go on your journey
i agree, except for the fact that you have to max their happiness, which i never liked to focus on. maybe if you changed them so they'd evolve by level or stone. baby pokemon would make great starters in the second gen. also, take some non-evo pokes and lower their base stats so they aren't so overpowering. it seems like a great idea for starters, especially magby.
-I/II gen are the only great gens; things get pretty ridiculous after that.
-gen I/II have the best Pokemon and stories, by far!
-All of these weird Poke's and typings in III/IV/V are unrealistic and don't look appealing!
-The best thing about modern generations are the moves! I like Aerial Ace and Water Pulse.

Gen I and II are SUPERIOR
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