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Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
It looks like Snowdrop isn't keeping track of the club? I can't say Winona was easy because she's very hard to beat. She's hard to beat when she puts out her Altaria and you have nothing thats effective to it which causes lots of problems. She's for sure the hardest Flying Gym leader I've faced. I never beat Black or White so I can't say anything about Skyla.
Winona was tough because of her Skarmory and Altaria. I even had some trouble with her Swellow and Aerial Ace. Her team combines speed with defence, as well as unique type combinations which can throw you off at first. I had to seriously level grind to beat her.

Skyla was really easy for me, but that's cause I had a well-trained Zebstrika. It's speed and power meant that I could pretty much knock out all of her Pokemon in one or two hits, especially Swanna.
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