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Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
*sighs*Your right,I don't have the skills for video games but I got one thing that perhaps you may not have and I felt that I feel ashamed that im a Pokemon fan for....I have the power of imagination...

Thats right! I can come up with anything that my brain can think up and this time...I just felt that Pokemon is just....Most of the Pokemon games are the same,same gameplay,same exact battle system(and any changes they made are hard to understand)...Look,do you want to play a Pokemon version games that's just like Pokemon Diamond in 2025 or even in 2035,what I have seen as a Pokemon fan of 13 years come out of them...The side games are even far better then the version games....There I said it...

Pokemon Battle Network is all about being different "all the way around" and not just "little bit change here" or "little bit change there"...Pokemon Battle Network makes you completely rethink about Pokemon and video games as a whole...And yea,The reason im also adding in the battle system from Megaman Battle Network...Its simple: You have more control of your Pokemon then in the Version games while still being strategic which I have noticed alot with many Pokemon fans is,needing strategy's is nice but the game becomes not much fun...

So yea,your right on alot of things..It will be me who will have to change things since no one seems to want to rise up and ask for something different...and I have alot to learn if I need to change things but I wont stop,even if The Pokemon Company call's the FBI on me because of Pokemon Battle Network,I still will be happy because at least I could just get my idea out in the open and see what other people think about it...

*sighs*5 years I had to wait for my brain to develop enough and 13 years in the making...Will I have to wait 5 more for Pokemon Battle Network?

So im really sorry but at least doing something like this or being a part of the making of Pokemon Battle network is my life long dream...

PS:Im at the start of making a GDD if you want to know

PSS:I still cant post links but in trying to get to 15 posts to show you that I have everything for Pokemon Battle Network to the point of concepts but that about as far as I have gotten on it...Ill have the concept pictures for you tomorrow since I forgot my flash drive at my house.
*Claps* nice that's the spirit!I do understand your urge to make that "one Pokemon" and I hate it when I imagine a lot and then realize there is a lot to make or study for those things.It surprisingly takes a lot of time to even make simple things in a game.No need to feel down at all from comments of your game if you take things the wrong way.From what I see, they care for you so they warn you and speak the "truth" of things(I no choose sides.)I could see this game going far with your attitude but will it be going far??That is for you to decide~~~Ha ha leader spirit for the win!If people expect you to do something in a game like code or whatever then you could try learning while you plan things so it would back you up if things go wrong(sorry if I am wrong.)I did not read all of the story ect since it was too long ha ha.I am a skilled graphics artists which I take pride in but I thought it wasn't enough in game developing so I learned coding and it brings out more of my imagination and it feels nice.Your plan seems like there is a whole lot to come so good luck.

Edit: Oh yah, I am pretty sure you would have a high chance of Nintendo not doing anything to your game if it is successful since a few games have been up around 5 years like Pokemon World Online, forums that contains listings of new/old Pokemon fanmade games like this forums, Pokemon is moving onto 3D type of games which means they want those type of games to sell more than the 2D type of games, and GameFreak is a huge game company that are scattered at most countries and it is 2012 so by now they would have done something with all these Fanmade games.I found this website easily from a normal Pokemon listing search on Google.Sorry but these are just thought of from the years going by after the "game shut downs" slowed or stopped.I could be wrong though.Feel free to correct me, no hard feelings.That doesn't mean you go "full out" with fanmade games that would really get Nintendo's attention. x)