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Dr. Jeffrey Burton

Everything had started out fine. Everyone was strapped in, control had given the green light, and the shuttle had launched. Then the explosion had to go and rock the boat, throwing the shuttle into chaos. After that, everything is hazy. A controlled crash, falling debris, then "Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die". Jeffrey wasn't sure who was screaming that, but he had a clue that whoever he was, the man had just died in his arms.

Jeffrey forces himself to focus. Several people are dead, several more are dying, and someone outside is screaming bloody murder and swinging swords around. It's all a lot to take in.

"Uh... hello?" Another voice calls out. "If anyone is alive, please sound out. I'm here to help."

"Help?!" Jeffrey rises to his feet, moving toward the door. He can see one of the EXO suits, a reminder that he should probably get his on. "I'm not sure how much help we can give! Blunt force trauma, twisted limbs, burns! Half of these people are lucky to be alive! Or maybe not lucky, since it won't last long! This man here will be dead in 30 minutes, and I'm wondering if it would be a kindness to end him now!" The man in question whimpers in pain and fear, but Jeffrey moves away, toward his suit.

"Anyone who can still walk, I'd suggest you leave this death trap. Anyone who can't, I'll carry you out. Just give me a minute to get my suit on."
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