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"You're all just fools." Izic grumbled.

But then he turned around, and began to cut along the gash he had climbed out of. He knew he was doing it to help, but he already formulated an excuse of it being easily accessed scrap metal. He also needed to get in and out much easier. All the cargo was still inside. The food, the tools, the ammo.

"THE AMMO!!" Izic screamed diving back into the ship, "Everyone clear the back fast as you can!"

Izic sprinted into the back of the shuttle where most of the cargo was stored. It was also where the fire had broken out. Toxic smoke and blue fire was everywhere as Izic tried to find his way. The suit was handling the stress well. Izic not so much. He was walking towards a bomb about to go off. He couldn't even check the cargo's contents in all the smoke. Again Izic extended his swords and began to puncture the hull. Smoke vented, but not nearly faster enough. Izic needed a way to extinguish the fire. There was a foam system meant for smaller ones but obviously the system was offline. It was unlikely but possible for him to repair it.

"Somebody find me my too... no wait it'll take to long. just everybody out. I'm doing this by hand." Izic shouted.

He retracted his swords. He jumped onto a crate and used that to access the ceiling of the ship. The foam pipes were mostly melted shut, and the sprinkler heads were bent out of shape. Izic began tearing the pipes out, and the foam began to pour out, but it wasn't spraying like they needed. Izic thought fast and grabbed his shotgun. He peppered the ceiling with bullets and riddled the pipes with holes. Foam poured out, and put out most of the fire in the cargo hold. It also coated Izic thuroughly. He looked a little like a snow man.

"No body get any ideas." Izic growled.
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