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Quote originally posted by DaSpirit:
Great though your GDD should be a document that is edited online. The concept of a Design Document is that it's supposed to be a living breathing being, which all of your team mates should be able to edit. I recommend Google Docs as multiple people can edit it at the same time.

Maybe the problem is the software you want to use? Not many people here know how to use Unity here. The majority only know RPG Maker. Maybe you should learn how to use RPG Maker too? There are a lot of tutorials here and even a help forum to ask questions.

The only way you could get people to join is if they're interested in joining. Honestly, not many people become interested in a certain fan game unless screenshots are introduced, so until you make some I don't think you'll be able to find anyone.

The problem with the screen shots is that,this is still in concept right now...What I mean is that I have been focusing on getting the story right for a long time that I just couldn't focus on the other parts(or draw out other parts)but I finally got the story right even tho it may not make much sense right now but remember this is just the beginning...Yea,things are weard and the ideas I have are strange but you all have to trust me on this one...If I knew this would have failed,I would have quit this and abandon this project a long time ago but look I haven't...

Im here and proposing a idea that really...different...

Oh and I actually heard about Google Docs but I didn't know you could do that actually...I guess Ill make one then.

and to answer the other question...I chosen Unity because I didn't have any money to really get RPG Maker without the time limits(as in you get a few days to try the program,then you have to buy it...But yea,when I get the time Ill try to understand it but my skills are very limited(I can only make the "hello world!" program in BASIC for Nintendo 3DS)but I am taking a Intro to Computer Science right now to learn to program so I maybe able to at least do beta testing for now...

Ill keep you updated with more consept pictures and in really sorry I dont have any screen shots due to the fact this this project is still in the consept phase so im just now starting to draw out what the game will look like

(I don't get that I can draw concept art but not anything else like I cant draw Pikachu or even Ditto)

EDIT:@KikNaks, Its not that in not reading everything your saying and I do agree with you on everything you said...I just am trying to get all my thoughts and idea organized...To you it may sound like a bad idea and I'm just a beginner at video games that just has a idea that different but you just don't want to see what im aiming at...Like the time you said this "Happy to be proven wrong, though!"...Sorry pal,I will listen to you and take you advice but what you just told me that you would like to see this fail and me in jail for trying to do make something that can be fun and strategic at the same time...Pokemon is strategic but not fun anymore and I feel your not happy that i'm want to put in the fun element back in,in a new way...