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For starters, we must add a new post filter that will change the horrible form of English we all speak here into Wadiyan English. Basically, for those who don't know, Wadiyan English changes over 600 words to the word "Aladeen". For example, if someone is trolling and is like "This sucks and is a bunch of poo!" then the post would come out as "This is very Aladeen and is a bunch of Aladeen."

This guy shall also be the new PC Mascot.

Secondly, in order to keep PC child friendly but be able to hold more adult discussions (like politics and what not) members must submit an age verification. The verification would work something like this:
Thats a VHS tape by the way. You see, not only is this a good way to verify age but it is also a good way to make some members feel old.

Finally, we should take a que from some other forums and make it so you must pay to join PC. However, seeing how PC has members from all over the world, instead of money the payment must be made in fedoras and itunes gift cards.

I hope to see my grand ideas implemented soon. Remember folks, you can not hide from me. You can not defy me. Remember that I am always there, especially when you least expect me. Hugs and kisses- Lerroux