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Aphrodi Narcys

The two sat down on a bench not far away from the cabins. Ina was quiet, which took Aphrodi a little while to notice.

"Onii-san, I have a-" Ina started, but Aphrodi, in shock, gave her a piercing glare, put his food to the side, and grasped her shoulders. She looked a little frightened, but she seemed to be more puzzled than frightened by his intrusion, he usually didn't act like this.

"What did you just say!?" Aphrodi said in a loud, roaring voice, staring deeply into her pure light blue eyes. Ina finished chewing her food and swallowed.

"Afro, you're acting weird," She said with wide eyes and a blank face.

Aphrodi's face became filled with more shock and fear. "I get it was them...they did it..." he removed his hands from her shoulders but continued to stare at her. "It was them, the weeaboos!" Ina turned her head to the side in confusion. Aphrodi stood up and grabbed his temples, as if he were having a massive headache or migraine. "I thought if there were just one, only one to resist it's be my little Ina, but no...there must be something I can do about this...something...something...I've got it, brainwash!" Aphrodi then quickly turned back to Ina and put his face very close to hers, putting his hands on the sides of her face, and staring deeply into her eyes. "You must remember, Ina, you are American!"

Ina gave Aphrodi a dry look and said, "Show off." She put her hand in between their faces and pushed Aphrodi away. Aphrodi laughed, Ina found out that he was acting, showing off his "drama skills", something he sometimes did randomly, but only to her. "First of all, no one said I was American. Second, I'm allowed to do things and see in anime, I'm a kid, it's when someone is, like, your age when it becomes racist or immature. Third, I simply happen to like the sound of it, and the usage is correct, so I don't see anything wrong with it." Her onslaught of reasons hit Aphrodi hard, each one piercing him like an arrow to the heart. Though he was more stunned by the mature way she handled that...dilemma. She burped and said, "Well, I have to get going." Then, as if she had just gained a load of energy, she ran towards Aphrodi, sprinting full tilt, and glomped him hard, nuzzling his stomach. He was on cuteness overload, especially after she looked at him. She then waved to him and set off.
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