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Quote originally posted by pinta77:
Wow this looks interesting. I didnt even know you could edit overworld in red/blue hacks. Ive never seen it done before, but it looks like you changed the overworld for the main character. Right?

Also, the sprites look really nice and so does the title screen. I'd definately be interested in playing this.
Thank you very much!
And yes, right now the overworld screenshots show the overworld hero sprite for GSC. This is because originally I planned on using the GSC player back sprite for in battle. But once I stumbled upon Poketto's awesome custom player back sprite, I decided I will use that sprite which was made to match the style of the original player back sprite in Red but not pixely. I've only recently successfully got it in my hack, so now the overworld sprite will go back to how it originally looks.
I really love Poketto's sprite! :D

Quote originally posted by Southueki:
This really caught my eye now! Any developments? :D

Can't wait to try this hack, seems great, gogo, you got a fan here ahah
Thanks alot! With the little free time I have to work on this, I've almost only worked on graphic improvements. I'm almost finished tieing up loose ends, so soon I'll strickly be working on connection data and then mapping! Then this hack will really take off

Hacks made from my Pokémon Red - Gen. II Graphics Patch (V2.0 JUST RELEASED):
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