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Contest: #2- Item

Snacking Nuts
"A bag of nuts from Mistralton City's Airline. Heals 90 HP over 3 turns."
I would have always loved to ride on one of the flights that leave Mistralton City in Unova. I thought that if you ever could, you should get a complementary bag of nuts every time you fly, and that is where my inspiration for this came from. Time comes into the picture with the snacking part. Because you're on a flight, I thought it'd be a gradual healing item because plane flights take a long time.

It's hard to believe there isn't a dispensable healing item that regenerates over a several turns. Cool idea.

Also to everyone else, thanks for the entries.
Remember the themes are open to interpretation.
If you look at "futuristic" in a star-wars kind of way, spriting style change, or by the change in the Pokemon's attire/attitude it doesn't matter. As long as you give a bit of explanation you can really interpret the theme in numerous ways.

Remember to PM either myself or Spherical Ice if you have any questions.
Have Fun!

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