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I just fnished playng tha newest download of Ash Gray from tha begnnng. And it was pretty bootylicious. Some thngs I noticed while playng was: I never gots tha phone call fo tha Misty Mermaid event. I had a major problem after tha seafobe islands. I had not completed episode 67 showdown at tha poke coral or 68 evolution solution and I sailed east killng tha homey wit tha donphan. Gong south and did not receive an nvitation. Than gittng on mah raft. Gong underwater, appearng at tha nurse sezng I had no nvitation. Kickng me off tha island and not havng a raft ta return. After that I had ta reload a previous save, luckily I used multiple save slots rathar than just one. So after reviewng what I missed, tha second run through went perfectly. When I released mah pokemon n front of tha nurse on New Island It released mah wartartle. However after battlng one of tha three traners mah wartartle evolved nta blastaise. But it still showed I had a wartartle out. N tha big fight thare were a few pokemon not fightng clones. I went ta tha ndigo plateau, he said It wasn't open, coz when I raped ta professor oak I didn't git mah pokemon back from him coz mah party was full. So it never registered anythng prof oak said. So after feelng like an idiot, I go ta tha cave and use an escape rope, which put me n tha plateau past tha guard. So I freak and revert ta a previous save. That could have caused problems. So I git mah pokemon back from prof oak and than episode 75 bad ta tha bone played out. Everythng else worked fne from thare on. However when I looked at a tutarial and realized a pidgeotta would allow me ta contnue fightng, I redid tha whole thng. And when I gots ta tha elite four I bout crapped mah pants at thair pokemon. I'm used ta tha 251 pokedex. So I ris candy sphealed "mah pc" and than squashed 'em wit nfnite ris candied pokemon... lol. I would have liked it if thare was a closng ceremony or at least a place fo tha participation badge on tha traner rided or n tha key items pocket. Its on tha last part of 82 around 16 mnutes n. As fo mah experience wit tha patch, thare was a few sprites that looked out of place but overall I was beazed and enthralled wit tha experience that was most certanly mah childhood. A combnation of tha gbeeboi gbee and tha show I watched. Keep up tha good work. I can't wait ta see how far you go. Two Thumbs Up.
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