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I just finished playing the newest download of Ash Gray from the beginning. And it was pretty great. Some things I noticed while playing was: I never got the phone call for the Misty Mermaid event. I had a major problem after the seafoam islands. I had not completed episode 67 showdown at the poke coral or 68 evolution solution and I sailed east killing the guy with the donphan. Going south and did not receive an invitation. Then getting on my raft. Going underwater, appearing at the nurse saying I had no invitation. Kicking me off the island and not having a raft to return. After that I had to reload a previous save, luckily I used multiple save slots rather than just one. So after reviewing what I missed, the second run through went perfectly. When I released my pokemon in front of the nurse on New Island It released my wartortle. However after battling one of the three trainers my wartortle evolved into blastoise. But it still showed I had a wartortle out. In the big fight there were a few pokemon not fighting clones. I went to the indigo plateau, he said It wasn't open, because when I talked to professor oak I didn't get my pokemon back from him because my party was full. So it never registered anything prof oak said. So after feeling like an idiot, I go to the cave and use an escape rope, which put me in the plateau past the guard. So I freak and revert to a previous save. That could have caused problems. So I get my pokemon back from prof oak and then episode 75 bad to the bone played out. Everything else worked fine from there on. However when I looked at a tutorial and realized a pidgeotto would allow me to continue fighting, I redid the whole thing. And when I got to the elite four I about crapped my pants at their pokemon. I'm used to the 251 pokedex. So I rare candy hacked "my pc" and then squashed 'em with infinite rare candied pokemon... lol. I would have liked it if there was a closing ceremony or at least a place for the participation badge on the trainer card or in the key items pocket. Its on the last part of 82 around 16 minutes in. As for my experience with the patch, there was a few sprites that looked out of place but overall I was amazed and enthralled with the experience that was most certainly my childhood. A combination of the gameboy game and the show I watched. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see how far you go. Two Thumbs Up.
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