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Welcome to the Haunted House!
Welcome to the wonderful Haunted House, a club for all ghost-type lovers. We talk about the amazing and mystifying ghost Pokemon, a type to truly admire! Here you can join into the campfire tales and interesting discussions. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us today!

Pokemon of the Week:

Spiritomb,besides from Sableye,is one of the only Pokemon to have no weaknesses.It was introduced in Gen IV,as a Pokemon you could find at the old crumbled Hallowed Tower,when you talked to 32 people underground that weren't NPCs.It was known for destruction in the Anime after being imprisoned and in the games as a decent attacker learning a huge range of moves and earning a spot on Champion Cynthia's team.

Every club has a set of rules and we are no exception.
1. Follow all of PC's rules and the Pokemon Clubs rules here.

2.No trolling,harassing or spamming.

3.Please respect other people's opinions. We are a club after all.

4.Everybody can pick two partners upon joining.

5.Try and keep active in this club.

6.Anyone can make a topic but please only create one if the old topic has at least been on for three days.

7.Most importantly, have fun!

Sign Up Form
Why did you join?
Answer the current topic:

Our Ghost Type Buddies:

Rainbow Arcanine (Owner)
Dragon Jackel (Shiny)
Sector Revenge
Ghost Tamer Tommy
Denki Sempai

Current Topics:Which ghost pokemon's Pokedex entry do you find most interesting? Explain why.

None yet! If you want to make one feel free to post it here when you're done :3.

Made by Aryan143

Monthly Challenge: This will be starting next month some time. If you have any suggestions drop a VM or PM. Either one is fine!

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