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I don't think it was considered that we could walk around here to harass the two apparently awesome battlers. When I walk up to the two of them, they have no scripts. we lie and we don't get the Egg? Obviously if someone quickly presses the wrong button, they will forever miss out on the Eevee within. We have a very buggy city here.

EDIT: All 407, someone is supposed to give you the Leftovers. I can't receive them for some reason.

REEDIT: Turns out that I needed to drop something in the PC. I was carrying too many items. Something needs to be put in to check that the item is actually received and in inventory, probably starting from about Pantem Town but could be used earlier in case someone doesn't pick up a Lucky Egg or some other item along the way. Now I'm looking at a weird text error from the Steam takeover of Esmereld; not game-breaking, but looks messy.

"Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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