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So I've come across a huge problem, but not sure if it's a game problem or not, I beat the Elite Four, went to Whitewave City like I assumed you were to do, met Silk in the gym with her sister and they ran off. I was just running around looking for new things and came across Genesect, I save before I battled it, and caught it. N proceeded to tell me to meet him at the top of Mt. Skywall I flew to Tyron Tower, saved then ran inside accidentally ran in to the door towards the Elite Four, restarted the rom thinking it would start me off outside Tyron Tower, but it started me off inside shows that I haven't battled the elite four yet never been to Whitewave City and no longer have Genesect. Not sure what happened but just wanted to see if I could get some opinions.

I assume I'll have to rebattle the Elite Four then proceed back to where I was in the game.

Edit: I found a nifty little .sgm from when I beat Jacob, so my problem is solved. But not sure if it'll happen again.

Now just can't figure out what to do after talking to Silk in Whitewave.

When you go in High Edge Falls' 'secret' area it places you on a rock you can walk around on the water but can't get up to the Pokemon that's in there without using surf which you can't use anywhere in there. Really wanting the Pokemon in there and I know you'll fix it soon.

Also, how do you get into your hidden base now that you fixed Pinaroma Villa?

And is there a secret to get to the top of Holy Karst Cave in the pic? Or am I just a moron and can't figure it out. Seems every path I take leads me to I believe Pure Village

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