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Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
Eeeep. I actually swing by this thread every now and again to see how things are going, and I'm actually pretty darn excited to play this. GSC were, hands down, my favourite Pokemon games, and you've managed to turn Silver into something very nice indeed, by the looks of it. Keep up the great work! I eagerly await more info, and hope to actually get around to playing this soon. :D
You know what? You got in me in good mood by saying this so... screenshot time!
Yeah, I felt like I should finally get stuff done which I somewhat promised to do so here you go. Post feedback on the screenshots while at it, I know you like 'em

What could have Ashlyn been thinking when she said that? There is simply no way you could travel back in time!

More of a joke here. Guess what game this is line is based on? I'll give you a hint, the name begins with "I ..."

Yay, a trading house! Nothing too special here really, you can trade with people, talk with them but what is surprising is that there is a gentleman here who'd like to trade your Super Onix for something special if you got one. What could this guy be up to?

And... we're trying to find gym leader Ichirou who is also described as a great ninja. It seems he got our Pidgeot somewhat unguard, maybe by throwing a weapon on it or something?

And between Areas 112 and 115, you'll run into a couple of trainers which seem to be looking for something precious. Perhaps a pokemon that someone saw hiding in these parts earlier?

Oh no! Grandma has lost her grandaughter Elena who has obviously come hiding in this cave (while they're playing hide and seek). If we find her and bring her back, maybe grandma will reward us for doing so... This is a little mini-game where the girl actually follows you and you get to walk yourself by the way.

And that's all for today! Some feedback on the images would be appreciated
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