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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post

Your first suggestion is meaningless, since it isn't a solution in itself but just a restating of the problem. The only relevant part is where you imply that there's only one kind of function code, which covers any and all possible effects of anything.

Basically, how do you know which effect a particular card has? You can either code in an effect which happens only when the card is XYZ, or you can define the card to have a function code and then code in an effect which happens for any card with that function code. I'm suggesting the latter, since it allows for reusing of some common card effects (e.g. "Flip a coin and paralyse the target if Heads.").

There will be an equivalent of PokeBattle_Effects, which contains some of the more common effects that can happen (e.g. paralysing a Pokémon). However, putting every single possible effect in here is pointless, as most will only be used for one card and may as well go in PokeBattle_MoveEffects under the appropriate function code.

No, I think having a PokeBattle_MoveEffects for card effects (probably one for an attack's effect and one for any other kind of effect), plus creating a PokeBattle_Move entity for each attack and effect when the card is played (and remaining while the card is still in play) is the best option I can think of. It may use elements of your code.

I'm sure I'm not explaining this fully enough, but I have a vague picture in my head. It's a complicated picture. It'd be easier if there were no effects in the game.
I guess it's best for you to do this, I do know the basis of what you mean though and I think a full explanation would be helpful for me.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post

I've already made scripts which compile the new PBS files and access that data, so I don't think I need to muck around with any ini files. I'm not sure why you mentioned this.

The basis of the Pokemon.txt is built in the manor of an ini, and I do not recall ruby having an ini loader. I just thought that it would provide some use.