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Great to see you all join! I'll add you all to the list once I'm not too busy with the whole GT thing, which is mainly why I'm lacking here lmao xD

To answer my own topic, I ALWAYS use them. Alwaysalwaysalways. Chikorita would be my main. In my party I usually have at least two Grass-Type Pokemon in my team and train them very strongly. Usually my grass-types are about 2-3 levels more than my other Pokemon...which is biased lmao.

Quote originally posted by PokemonGiratinaX:
Name: PokemonGiratinaX (aka. PGX)
Partner Pokemon: Turtwig and Snivy
Password: Turtwig and Snivy, use Leaf Storm!
Topic Answer: I choosed Tutwig and Snivy because Turtwig is so cute and Snivy is cool. Also, I always use the Grass-type Starter in Pokemon Black and Diamond.
I cannot grant you access to the club because you chose two starters. You must choose ONE starter and ONE other partner Pokemon that's not a starter/evolved starter. Plus, be sure to stick with the current topic!
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