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Nika Valentine - Open Plains

They spent a while in the field working on their ability to battle alongside each other. Nika figured out the moves Pineco knew through trial and error, the jagged pokemon seeming eager to show off its abilities to her. It was responsive without being too exuberant - if it continued to work with her like this she would have it ready for serious competition in no time.

As they were finishing off their training a Pidgey seemed to decide Pineco would be an interesting lunch, and although Pineco battled back, his exhaustion from the training and Patrat battle was too much. Once he had fainted Nika called him back to his Heavy Ball and sent Loki to finish off the flying type.

Wanting to get Pineco to the Pokemon Center in town as quickly as possible she left Loki out to fly by her side, scaring off any other would-be predators.

Jackson (Male Shieldon) Lvl 24: Toxic, Sandstorm, Protect, Iron Head, Stealth Rock, Dig
Ability: Sturdy

Bixi (Female Tirtouga) Lvl 24: Crunch, Aqua Tail, Sandstorm, Ice Beam, Stone Edge, Iron Defense
Ability: Solid Rock

Siege (Male Geodude) Lvl 22: Defense Curl, Attract, Rock Polish, Rock Throw, Magnitude, Roll Out
Ability: Rock Head
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