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I'm done posting because it seems everyone is against me for having an open mind. I guess it a crime to have an open mind on this thread. Also, it's Pokemon, nobody on this planet other than GameFreak knows who came first. I'm not SAYING Mew came first it's just my opinion and you guy's wont accept it because you disagree with it. Probably because you didn't grow up with the old Pokemon and Gen IV was your first Pokemon, honestly idk, maybe I'm blowing things out of proportion but it's really annoying when I gotta keep explaining the same thing over and over and over to you guys. So if your not empoyeed with GameFreak quit posting like you know everything about the 2 because you don't. I'm posting from what I heard from GameFreak you guy's are posting thinking you know for a fact Arceus created everything. I'm done, have a nice day.