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I guess I'll Join

I'll be using White and HeartGold and can battle now if anyone want to. Just VM/PM me

Edit;Flat battle only please don't have alot of pokes at 100.
Edit 2: I'm availiable around 5pm - 3am Central Time Zone.
White FC: 3869 3361 6399
HeartGold FC: 4299 0686 0937

Battled pokestate ;Lost 0:3
Battled pokestate ;Lost 0:3
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Battled pokestate Won 1:0
Battle roosterman lost
Lost against GolurkIsDaBomb 0:3 (I think)
Battled against GolurkIsDaBomb Lost
Battled against GolurkIsDaBomb ; Lost 0:2
Battled against GolurkIsDaBomb ; Lost 0:1
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