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If you're on an emulator, I have no clue. Myrrh is running emulator trades. I hardly have the time to even get on here and check how things are going. But there's a problem in that hardly anyone is signed up for games that are compatible, so hell, I can't even divy you guys up in groups. :/ Groups of 6 sure as hell ain't happening. Should have made this RBY only, honestly. Is anyone willing to switch games at this point? Since there are two people that can trade already, let's just use RBY. Is anyone playing on emulator willing to switch to RBY if they aren't already on it? Sorry, guys. Didn't really expect so few sign ups. If not, then...well, whoever is on FR and Emerald will have to switch to doing the in-game challenge because you can't trade with RBY or each other.

I can't even make the Wi-Fi group into a group...good God.

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