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Quote originally posted by Sydian:
...Demanding? How...? By your posts in this thread, I can't help but think you're a bit bitter about something. :/
don't get me wrong the fact that you guys are basically regular members with a blue name makes this place feel really at home.

but sometimes you come off as rude (because bad day, sick, whatever), and that kinda...yeah

Quote originally posted by Kenshin5:
Thanks for the feedback, although I wish would could respect the staff at Serebii even if not everyone agrees with their discussions. Especially considering bobandbill is a staff member on both sites and he is terrific at wherever he is at. With anywhere you are going to have your good extractions and bad ones, I am just glad you have more good then bad at your tenure here and we hope too keep it that way (=.
I don't think that he's being rude at all to them, I think all he's just saying about Serebii is that PC is a little more friendly than Serebii.

At least that's what I could tell, he didn't disrespect them at all.
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