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I discovered rom hacking when i reached lavender town in fire red. I had (and still have) a large interest in lavender town, the song didn't scare me, but i loved humming it and i adored it. Until i turned 7 and devoloped the feeling called "Creepyness". One day i was on a youtube vid about the lavender town theme, and i found in the suggestions a video about pokemon choas. I watched it and thought "What is this??". After reading the comments for 5 minutes, i found out it was rom hacking, a process in which you get a gba game's guts onto your computer and play it in your gba gut player. Except with the game modified in ways that can make it a totally different. I got myself an emulator and gba fire red file. Then after moar research, i got all the programs neccecary and made rom hack.
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