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Well, here's my app. I hope I was pretty original.

Name: Noah Loveride
Gender: Male
Age: [16+] 17
Personality: Noah is quite cynical, and sarcastic. He doesn't express concern for anyone or anything other than himself. He always makes sarcastic remarks, even in serious times. Noah doesn't like to do anything sports-related, and he often is a loner. He makes up for his lack of athletic ability by having a surplus of intelligence. He is rather pessimistic, often thinking about the worst of situations. Noah doesn't have any friends; he only refers to them as acquantances. He uses his sarcastic remarks in order to ward off anyone he doesn't want to see.

Chris, on the other hand, is cheerful, and overly optimistic. He always tries to find the bright side of every situation, even when there seems to be none. Chris is also cheerful in serious situations, which can get on the nerves of some people. In battling, Chris is very hesitant, as he doesn't want his Pokemon to get hurt. He will often switch tactics, and switch Pokemon.

Eric is Noah's least favorite personality. He is cold, and calculating, using every ounce of Noah's intelligence to find and exploit any weakness about the opponent. Eric shows disdain to everyone, even the other personalities in Noah's head. He is rather arrogant, boasting about his intelligence. Eric uses Noah's intelligence in order to figure out people. He will force Noah's Pokemon to train harder, even past their limits. This is only one of the reasons why Eric is Noah's last favorite.

Alex is the athletic side of Noah. Alex is the least intelligent of all five of Noah's personalities. In fact, Alex didn't use his brains much at all, and mostly relies on brute force. Alex has intense gymnast skills, but often shows arrogance at what he does. He doesn't like losing, so he trains Noah's Pokemon until they get tired, only to heal them and train again.

Sol is the personality that Noah likes the most. Sol represents the artistic side of Noah's mind. Because of this artistic side, Sol is rather reserved, and composed; something Noah enjoys when he's around. Sol meditates a lot, in order to calm down. He is also experienced in the art of Tae Kwon Do.

Appearance: Noah has jet-black hair that goes down to the back of his neck. It's spiked up in the front, which goes with his light skin tone. Noah has crystal blue eyes. He has natural muscle, but doesn't use it very often unless Alex is around. Noah is rather scrawny, and short at a height of 5"7. He has a small build.

Noah usually wears a long-sleeved black shirt, with a blueberry-colored sweatshirt on top. He always wears black pants, with white socks, though nobody can see the socks. Noah always wears black sneakers with blueberry-colored laces.

History: Noah was born in the Petalburg City Hospital on March 3rd, 1995. He was crying a lot over the next few weeks, which his parents thought was normal. However, as he began to grow up, he began to experience mood-swings, from becoming snarky, to a sweet little angel. Once again, his parents thought that everything was still normal.

When elementary school started, Noah had the curse of being intelligent without having the muscles. He was a common target for bullies, right up until the last day of school, where someone screamed a word that hurt him. "FREAK!" It stung, because he knew he wasn't one, but he didn't know if people thought he was.

In high school, the bullying continued, and it gradually worsened. The worst year was in Sophmore, when he came out of the closet to his parents, and most of his friends. Many of his friends stuck with him, but some bullies continually began to beat him even more, as they thought they were teaching 'a ***' a lesson. Finally, Noah began to use his sarcastic remarks against the bullies, who left him alone after that. His friends became his acquaintances, while his parents were trying to get him to stop being so defensive.

Then, it happened. After school one day, Noah's parents were talking to him. Suddenly, Noah changed into Chris, asking if they were having the best day ever, since it totally was. His parents glanced at each other, as they had seen him multiple times like this. They finally decided to go to a doctor, and so they went to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed his condition as Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD for short. His parents were surprisingly okay with it, asking "Chris" if he wanted some tea later on.

One week before leaving, his mother gave Noah a box of special pills, that were to be used when Noah REALLY didn't need one of his personalities messing something up.

Starter: Castform

Roleplay Example:

Noah Loveride really didn't need anyone telling him that it was time to wake up. If things had been his way, sleep would take over, and reality wouldn't exist. As he pushed away the cyan-sheets of his slept-in bed, he began to think for a while. As he stared at the white ceiling, he thought of different memories he had before he was a freak.

"Stop it, Noah, you're not a freak. You're intelligent; you've got the brains to overpower anyone else, and crush the competition! You'll show them all..." Eric's voice echoed in Noah's head. Noah began to have a headache, as he began to close his eyes to concentrate on meeting Eric.

As Noah opened his eyes, he was delighted at what he saw. He was standing on a never-ending grassy field, where there was a rainbow stretching out on the blue sky. It was his happy place, where no one could be considered a "freak,"

"You decided on this place for a meeting? You're such a pansy," Eric snickered, before appearing in front of me. Noah sighed; he hated talking to Eric.

"What do you want, Eric?" Noah asked his alternate personality. Eric chuckled almost sadistically, before answering the question.

"Noah, you have to pi-" Eric was cut off by Alex landing, quite literally, in the middle of the conversation with his feet planted on the ground. Alex had just finished perfecting his triple-flip landing technique, so he was psyched. He was about to tell Noah something before Eric knocked him out with a pressure point. Noah rolled his eyes; Eric just had to ruin the fun.

"You've got to choose Castform as your Pokémon, so you can connect to it on a personal level. Like you, it can change forms. Think of the power you could wield!" Eric grinned widely, like a madman. Noah nodded, in order to get Eric away. As always, Eric nodded back, before disappearing in a flash of smoke.

"For once, he's not bad in considering the options of what Pokémon to get," a voice said behind Noah. He turned around to see Sol, walking towards him. Sol was smiling, and Noah could tell that he was meditating considering he looked calm.

"Honestly Sol, I think he's right. If I get Castform, we could relate on a personal level, giving us a personal bond," Noah explained to the alternate personality. Sol nodded in understanding, before turning to Alex.

"I'll leave that up to you, Noah. For now, I've got to take Mr. Jock to my office for a repair!" Sol grinned, before disappearing with Alex. Noah closed his eyes, and, when he opened them, was back in his room.

Noah sighed, as he heard his mom calling him from downstairs. He quickly changed out of his sleepwear, and packed it up inside of his bag. Then, he put on his black long-sleeved shirt, and blueberry-colored sweatshirt. After that, he put on his black pants, and his black shoes with blue laces. Noah took a look at himself in the mirror in the bathroom to look himself over. He gave a sigh of boredom, before heading downstairs.

It was time, though Noah was too bored to do anything, for a new day.

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