Thread: Gen I & Gen II: Tododile line or Squirtle line?
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Originally Posted by Shiny_Wooper View Post
I am kind of stuck :/ there both cute, and i like all their evo's, so i would say both XD
i never even considered that logic! perfection LOL!!

oh and for the person who didn't like either line, you can select another water line from those gens that you like best!
-I/II gen are the only great gens; things get pretty ridiculous after that.
-gen I/II have the best Pokemon and stories, by far!
-All of these weird Poke's and typings in III/IV/V are unrealistic and don't look appealing!
-The best thing about modern generations are the moves! I like Aerial Ace and Water Pulse.

Gen I and II are SUPERIOR