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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Username: Avishka
Partners: Mismagius and Gengar
Why did you join? Because ghost Pokemon are one of the coolest Pokemon type out there. Mismagius and Jellicent are one of my fave pokemon
Answer the current topic:
Who's your favourite Ghost Pokemon?


Welcome Avishka to the club :3! Nice pictures you have there,I'll add one to the main post :D. I've always loved Mismagius too I don't know why either. Maybe because of it's stunning appearance and the fact that it's a decent well-rounded Pokemon.

Gengar is awesome too, but seriously those Pokedex Entries can get creepy . Yep, it was the original ghost Pokemon and definitely a powerhouse.

Ghost types are definitely a cool type,all of us here think that . Welcome and I hope you'll enjoy it here xD!
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