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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Between whats in the new games and what I already owned, I've already completed the Hoenndex. I'm maybe missing one starter, but other than that I've easily completed that dex thanks to all the events in HG/SS and D/P/Pt.

Oh I am missing Deoxys but that's hardly worth a remake for especially since Deoxys was released with FR/LG.

About 50ish percent of the Hoenn Pokemon are available in B/W and even more in B2W2 barring Legends which are events in HG/SS

B2W2 is only missing the Starters (Which you can get in HG/SS) Poochyena (White Forest), Zigzagoon, Wurmple (white Forest), Nincada, Whismur (White Forest), Torkoal, Duskull, Chimecho (Abundant Shrine), Snorunt, and the Weather Trio (HG/SS)

So more than 50% is catchable between Gen 4 and Gen 5. Not to mention most except a few choice ones, the Starters, and Weather Trio are also available in the Dream World.

Only reason to remake Hoenn at this point is to update the story and graphics (latter would also be reason for another R/B remake)((Funnily enough I told this to a manager at Gamestop and ended up getting a rant on how and why they should remake Yellow XD))

But as for my reason for posting, Pokemon isn't a reason for a remake as almost all are available. Though they don't really need to remake any game at all. They just do it for the money.
Are you just talking gen 3 remakes? I thought we needed gen 1 an 2 remakes to get pokemon that wasn't able to be caught in gen 3 and 4. And i don't think they do it just for a cash grab. The remakes they made were of good quality. To this date heartgold is my favorite pokemon game. The only thing is I wish it had some of gen 5 mechanics ( such as reusable TM's) and faster battles