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◄ Masaru's Hidden Ability Shop ►

Welcome to my shop!

Here you will find many dream world pokémon.
You can request one DW pokémon (for free) every week, as long as it's female rate is 50% or above. However, I will not take nature nor IV requests for these freebies.
I have every DWf released until today and am now aiming to collect as many Dream World males and genderless to fill up my shop with more options. For the males and genderless I will use action replay to clone them, as there is no way to breed them.
I also trade any pokémon that are breedable, I have caught them all!
Apart from DW pokémon, I also interested in events and am trading a few of the ones I've collected so far.

I hope you like the shop!


Sorry, not giving away anything at the moment. Check back some other time

1. Be nice and patient, if I take long to get to your request it's because I'm busy;
2. Don't pm/vm me about trades, post here and I will get to you via pm/vm;
3. Not exactly a rule, but when I give you a random breedable it would be nice if you would give me something in return instead of a random pokémon, attach an item to it, maybe a mail?;
4. NO HACKS. If I trade you something hacked I will refund you. I expect the same from you. Clones are fine. Sometimes I use AR to clone, so if you don't like it you can leave.
5. I am not obligated to take whatever offer you make.
6. You can request a Dream World female for free per week, as long as the female rates are 50% or above.
7. You can also request egg moves once per week, for free.
8. Everything else is not for free.
9. If you make me wait 10-15 minutes in the wifi room and you can consider your request canceled and I may not want to trade with you in the future.
10. If we don't trade within a month, I may consider the trade canceled and I may not want to trade with you in the future.
11. Don't expect me to find you online, YOU find me.

These are simple rules, respect them.

Trainer Info

Friend Code:
Timezone: GMT
My OTs: Andre, Masaru
Action Replay Codes I use: Cloning, IV/EV check (on gen 5 only)

Hidden Ability Breedables
Use ctrl + F to browse. Organized according to National Pokédex numbers.
I have them all.

Gen I - Kanto

Bulbasaur - Chlorophyll

Charmander - Solar Power

Squirtle - Rain Dish

Pidgey - Big Pecks

Spearow - Sniper

Ekans - Unnerve

Nidoran - Hustle

Vulpix - Drought

Zubat - Infiltrator

Oddish - Run Away

Machop - Steadfast

Ponyta - Flame Body

Doduo - Tangled Feet

Grimer - Poison Touch

Shellder - Overcoat

Drowzee - Inner Focus

Exeggcute - Harvest

Lickitung - Cloud Nine

Chansey - Healer

Kangaskhan - Inner Focus

Pinsir - Moxie

Eevee - Anticipation

Snorlax - Gluttony

Dratini - Marvel Scale

Gen II - Johto

Chikorita - Leaf Guard

Cyndaquil - Flash Fire

Totodile - Sheer Force

Hoothoot - Tinted Lens

Pichu - Lightning Rod

Igglybuff - Friend Guard

Togepi - Super Luck

Natu - Magic Bounce

Hoppip - Infiltrator

Aipom - Skill Link

Yanma - Frisk

Wobbuffet - Telepathy

Girafarig - Sap Sipper

Snubbul - Rattled

Qwilfish - Intimidate

Shuckle - Contrary

Heracross - Moxie

Sneasel - Pickpocket

Swinub - Thick Fat

Corsola - Regenerator

Smeargle - Moody

Elekid - Vital Spirit

Gen III - Hoenn

Treecko - Unburden

Torchic - Speed Boost

Mudkip - Damp

Wurmple - Run Away

Taillow - Scrappy

Nincada - Run Away

Sableye - Prankster

Electrike - Minus

Volbeat - Prankster

Illumise - Prankster

Numel - Own Tempo

Spoink - Gluttony

Swablu - Cloud Nine

Kecleon - Protean

Spheal - Oblivious

Bagon - Sheer Force

Gen IV - Sinnoh

Chimchar - Iron Fist

Starly - Reckless

Shinx - Guts

Cranidos - Sheer Force

Burmy - Overcoat

Pachirisu - Volt Absorb

Cherubi - Chlorophyll (not HA)

Shellos (Blue) - Sand Force

Spiritomb - Infiltrator

Riolu - Prankster

Croagunk - Poison Touch

Gen V - Unova

Lilipup - Run Away

Purrloin - Prankster

Munna - Telepathy

Pansage - Overgrow

Venipede - Speed Boost

Maractus - Storm Drain

Dwebble - Weak Armor

Sigilyph - Tinted Lens

Minccino - Skill Link

Deerling - Serene Grace
(every form available in regular pokéball)

Litwick - Infiltrator

Axew - Unnerve

Larvesta - Swarm

Gen VI - Kalos

Chespin - Bulletproof

Fennekin - Magician

Froakie - Protean

Bunnelby - Huge Power

Fletchling - Gale Wings

Litleo - Moxie

Flabébé - Symbiosis (yellow)

Skiddo - Grass Pelt

Espurr - Own Tempo

Swirlix - Unburden

Dedenne - Plus

Goomy - Gooey

Bergmite - Sturdy

Hidden Ability Unbreedables

Level 30, Careful, Multiscale
Gust x Dragon Rush x Extrasensory x Rain Dance
IVs: 6/2/14/10/28/9 HP: 44 Flying
OT: Andre

Level 5, Rash, Multiscale
Whirlwind x Weather Ball
IVs: 29/31/28/31/28/25 HP: 41 Ghost
OT: Masaru

Level 40, Quirky, Regenerator
Brave Bird x Extrasensory x Sunny Day x Fire Blast
IVs: 26/9/23/3/22/10 HP: 68 Bug
OT: Andre

Level 5, Hardy, Regenerator
Whirlwind x Weather Ball
IVs: 6/14/12/1/28/16 HP: 31 Ground
OT: Masaru


Level 70, Timid, Pressure
Holding: King's Rock
Psystrike x Shadow Ball x Aura Sphere x Electro Ball
IVs: 0/16/16/21/6/28, HP: 50 Ground
OT: FEB2012

Level 30, Relaxed, Pressure
Sheer Cold x Air Slash x ExtremeSpeed x Aqua Ring
IVs: 22/13/25/29/26/14
OT: WIN2011

Level 75, Naughty, Air Lock
Earthquake x Fly x Outrage x Dragon Dance
IVs: 3/19/30/24/9/17
EVs: 8/25/13/9/24/32
OT: ノブナガ
Notes: Touched

Level 5, Bold, Serene Grace
Wish x Confusion x Rest
IVs: 8/10/21/8/12/16, HP: 31 Fight

Level 50, Jolly, Victory Star
Holding: Fire Gem
V-Create x Fusion Flare x Fusion Bolt x Searing Shot
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31, HP: 70 Dark
OT: Movie14
Notes: RNG'd by me when I had a DSlite

Level 50, Timid, Justified
Sacred Sword x Swords Dance x Hydro Pump x Aqua Jet
IVs: 10/16/22/17/8/25
OT: HVR2013

Level 15, Modest, Serene Grace
Quick Attack x Confusion x Round x Relic Song
IVs: 14/4/15/26/13/20
OT: えいがかん

Level 15, Timid, Serene Grace
Quick Attack x Confuison x Round
IVs: 14/13/29/20/12/21
OT: えいがかん

More to come.


Level 48, Relaxed, Inner Focus

Level 47, Bashful, Oblivious

Level 1, Bold, OT: Andre, 31 IVs in Attack and Special Attack

Level 5, Modest ♂, Torrent
Tackle x Tail Whip
IVs: 31/22/31/30/31/30 HP: 70 Fire
OT: Infi

Level 13, Lonely, Unaware

Level 37, Lax ♀, Regenerator
Secret Power x Entertainment x Take Down x Heal Pulse
Ivs: 29/17/29/6/17/31
OT: Andre

Level 24, Adamant

Level 25, Naive, Plus

Level 28, Docile, Flame Body


-HA females in balls I don't have
-EV trained pokémon
-RNG'd pokémon

CSS by Iloveeevee

3DS FC: 1032-2650-8413
◄ Masaru's Hidden Ability Shop ►
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