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Contest #1
Username: PikakittenX
Contest: #1 Repose

Description: In the future Eevee's DNA gets unstable causing him to look like this.
All done on my phone because my laptop died when PCX started but that won't stop me from participating! All custom except colors. Sorry if it's to much in the top left my phone can't move it close to the center.

Contest #2
Username: PikakittenX
Contest: #2 Item

Description: The Life Hourglass, it makes the Pokemon's attacks be critical for 4 turns then it faints.

Contest #3
Username: PikakittenX
Contest: #3 Accessory

Description: Welcoming the amazing shiny Prince Poochyena with his stylish Neon green cape , Ruby red crown and he's bringing back blue booties!
Thanks for such great times at PokeCommunity for the past couple of years here and the spectacular festivities I don't plan to win but I don't plan to lose either so bring it on PC!

You got em' all done; Great!

Just a reminder, there are about three days left to enter! Keep these great sprites coming

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