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Comments in bold, changes in blue.

Quote originally posted by WaterIse:

Ninetales (Kyukon) @ Chesto Berry
Trait: Drought
EVs: 232 HP / 24 Sp.Atk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Fire Blast
- Hidden Power [Fighting]
- Toxic
- Rest

Upon hours of research, I found that Ninetails is a typical sun team lead, so why not? Basically, Ninetails will get the sun up instantly for my team. Hidden Power fighting for coverage, Fire Blast since it will be really powerful with the sun up, toxic to poison other leads/weather starters, and then Rest with a Chesto Berry to wake it back up.

HP Fighting hardly covers anything that's worth it besides Tyranitar, but even then it does minimal damage since TTar is almost always running some Special Defense investments as well as its aforementioned stat being boosted by Sand. Anyway, you're probably better off just going with Solarbeam instead of HP Fighting for coverage against things like Gastrodon and the scarce Jellicent. This is a mostly offensive set so why do you have Rest + Chesto? Your best option is just going with Air Balloon or Leftovers and replacing Toxic with Will-o-Wisp or adding it over Rest for double status. Also, just go ahead and invest what you have in HP to your Special Attack.

Venusaur (Fushigibana) @Life Orb
Trait: Chlorophyll
32 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 220 Spe
Modest nature (+SpA/-Atk)
- Energy Ball
- Sludge Bomb
- HP Fire
- Growth

A typical Venusaur sun team moveset...well, people could argue with Energy Ball and/or Sludge Bomb. Anyway, Growth to raise attack while in the sun makes Venusaur a (literally, again) monster. Chlorophyll will make Venus' faster too, which is nice.

This is a Sun team, so go ahead and go with Solarbeam over Energy Ball and you could add Earthquake over Sludge Bomb for some neutral coverage on Electric-types like Jolteon, since HP Fire covers what Sludge Bomb would cover.

Thought I would have more to say but the rest of the team seems pretty solid to be honest.