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Spark met with Arc outside, he was giving the saved children water. Spark looked them all up, Yep no spirits in any of them, lets send them on their way. "Okay you children, I want you to get to children's city, you know where that is?" They all nodded, "I want you to tell them that you aren't spirit kids and that you would like to be, also if I find you guys in any groups I will kill you." She looked them all in the eye, "That includes groups with each other, split up and don't get caught again." She waved them off. None of them left, they were too weak. "Why are you still here?"

"Ma'am we are not strong enough to get to the city alone, we really would like to stay with you." Spark pulled out her knife and looked threatening.

"Are you insisting that we make a group?" She threw the knife just past the child, sinking it into a rock, "If you can cut me then I'll escort you halfway then it is a simple walk north. But if you don't then I'll leave you all here to die, there's no way you can keep up with us and you will surely get lost." She looked toward Oreburgh, they were standing just inside of it and she didn't want to start a true fight there and attract attention, but she also didn't want to escort these kids. "Also for this kind offer, you must all do me a favor and kill as many gang leaders as possible when you get your powers, you can inform me about how many you disband i the underground."

"How do we get there." Said one of the children, a small boy.

"I know some entrances!" Another little girl squeaked.

"Well that is good, but who will do the fight? Do you forget that you must inflict a single cut on me?" She looked at all of them, What pitiful creatures, they won't survive long. She had no intention of killing them, they didn't do anything she disapproved of yet. To Spark's surprise the little girl took the knife and stepped forward. "Well then, seems like the boys are to afraid." Spark held her arms out, like she was giving a hug then said, "Come on then."

The little girl sprinted forward and attempted to thrust the knife forward, Spark spun then gave her a small shock. "Zap!" she laughed, the little girl seemed annoyed but tried again. This time she tried to punch Spark and then swing her knife. Spark took the punch but grabbed the girl's arm before it reached her, "Tsk, tsk, I really think you should try harder." Though while Spark said this the little girl managed to sweep her leg and trip Spark. She quickly freed her hand in the same motion and made a small cut on Spark's hand. They both stood up and Spark nodded, "Well played, I admire your cunning. I doubt you'll have any trouble with fights in the future. What is your name girl?"

"I am Kalie, and I want my part of the deal done." The two boys stepped forward looking glad. Spark held her hand that had been cut out, showing them the cut.

"You see this? It wasn't done by a group, but by the efforts of one person. I don't think it is fair that you all should be able to go when only she did the work right?" She looked at the girl, "Am I correct?" She spoke to them all, "Do you see why working as a group is a bad idea? Eventually one of you will be the leader and the rest will be following orders." She motioned for the girl to follow. "The rest of you can find your own way or find someone in this town to take you."

They walked halfway to Children's City and Spark stopped, "Right near here is an entrance to the underground, if you ever need to find me then you tell someone down there and I'll be found. Only talk to me if you take a gang out, also I'll find you if I need anything." With that Spark and Arc went into the underground entrance, leaving the girl to find her own way.

"Do you think she'll make it?" Arc asked, "And how did she beat you? I've seen you react faster than that."

"I let her win to make a point, and yes she'll be fine. I don't think she is just a weak little child, she must be much stronger." They hid away and reversed their clothing so that it was black on the outside, Spark put her hair back and they did as much as they could to look exactly alike. Then they hid most of their faces, hiding their identity.
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