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Takumi Ryuuhiko

Elizabeth's meowth seemed to be paying attention to that person Takumi got the strange feeling from earlier. And that guy was offering the Meowth a poffin. He's not sure if that student should be trusted. Something in his sixth sense just kept bugging him. But he'll leave it alone right now. It seemed like class was over.

But then Elizabeth wanted him to stay after class? What for? He had several ideas why but honestly, he'd be cooperative. He brought his complete pokeball up to Elizabeth along with his bag and waited as the other students had their pokeballs checked and were leaving the class.

"Well Ms. Elizabeth. What is it you'd like to talk with me about?" he asked.

N Harmonia Gropius

N saw the look on that Buneary's face as Olivia began trying to talk with her. He had a feeling this wouldn't end well. He looked up to Zoroark. The master of illusions jumped out of that desk and ran forward as Buneary let out that hyper voice. N covered his ears as Zoroark tacked Buneary to the ground and wrapped a clawed paw over the bunny-like pokemon's mouth to try and stop the hyper voice.

N lowered his hands from his ears. "As you can see class. Poor communication between a trainer and a pokemon can have very dire and harmful consequences. Perhaps it would be best to take this situation as an example to help yourselves learn from. Now if you will excuse me, I need to check on our fallen student and possibly get a nurse called down here."

And with that he quickly ran over to the fallen girl and tried to help her up. "Are you alright?"

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