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Aria eyed the two guards, making them shift uncomfortably. Seeing that they weren't about to move, she powered up two small shadow balls, one in each hand.

"Okay, here's how it's going to go down. If you tell me everything you know about this 'Overseer' and move, I let you live. If not, and you stand your ground, you die." As if to prove her point, Aria powered the dark orbs even more.

"Please don't kill me! I'll tell you ev-" One guard managed to say before getting cut off by his partner.

"No. He won't. We have no usefull information for you." The other guard said in a stern voice. Aria, seeing that this was getting nowhere, pushed her shadow balls in their respective directions, the miniature explosions killing them on impact.

Aria walked through the small town, and soon came to a house that wasn't damaged. The large metal structure towered above her, and at that moment, she knew where to go.

Walking in, the first thing that Aria noticed was the arena. A large, chalked out battle arena stood a floor below hers, which was a catwalk over said arena. She soon found stairs, and walked down to the center of the arena.

"It isn't very often that we have vissitorsss..." Said a serpentine voice that made Aria's fur tingle.

"Well, I guess I'm a special occasion then." Aria replied whirling around to face a man that looked as serpentine as he sounded. He had a long, drawn out face, and was unnaturally thin, but what grabbed her attention were the two bloodred fangs that extended from his mouth.

"I am guessing that you are this 'Overseer' that I have heard about?" Aria continued, trying her hardest to act innocent, while forming a battle plan in her head.

"Ah, sso you have heard of me. Tell me, issn't thiss the most ssstabilized government that you have sseen? No crimess, no murder, it iss perfect compared to the resst of this incompetent world." At this, he stepped out of the shadows, and Aria noticed his height.

Napoleon syndrome... Of course it's Napoleon syndrome... Aria thought as she prepared to jump and draw her knife, which was strapped to her belt.

"Now that iss no way to be treating a fellow Pokessspirit, is it?" The little man asked, seeing Aria tense up. Seeing that her ruse wasn't going to work, she went through with her actions.

Aria quickly drew the nine inch long knife and leaped at the Overseer. The Overseer, expecting this, jumped over her and used her to propel him into the center of the arena, while making Aria crash into the ground. Aria got up, dusted off, and began walking towards the Overseer, this time drawing a throwing knife from a hidden scabbard on he pants leg. She threw it, and this time it hit its mark. The blade went directly through one of his slitted pupils, killing him instantly.

Aria searched the body, and found nothing but a card key labeled 'Underground'. Deciding that this could be useful, she put it into her pocket and left the building.

As aria was walking through town, she saw an alley that was also marked 'Underground'. Walking to the end, she found a door that required a card key, and , just as she had thought, the one that she had found on the Overseer worked. Entering the dark cave, Aria mentally prepared herself for the task at hand.
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